Saturday, September 12, 2009

Remembering 9/11

We have gone on with our lives, but many are still grieving over their lost loved ones. It has been 8 years, but for many it feels like yesterday.Let's not forget to pray for these families that no longer have a Father or Mother or child because of the destruction of 9/11. May the Lord be their Strength and Comforter, may they serve Him with a Renewed Strength! Check out my slide show on Flight 93 at the bottom of my site.


  1. Yes that was very sad what happenend to these poor people on the 9/11
    Thank you for posting it

  2. Mrs. Simpson, thank you for kindly commenting on my blog and sharing your insights. I am thankful that God has used me to be an encouragement to young ladies my age as well as to some parents. Thank you again and have a nice day.

    ~Elizabeth J.